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WEBSITE TERMS & CONDITIONS for Louisiana Master Naturalists Northwest Chapter (lmnnorthwest.org)
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This website is managed by a team. Any comments, suggestions or complaints about the above named site’s design, function, content or external links should be addressed to:
Hulya Onel, Communications Officer for Louisiana Master Naturalists via our contact page.

IdentityCollectively, Hulya Onel, his LMNA assistants and the Louisiana Master Naturalist Northwest Chapter henceforth abbreviated to LMN-NW are referred to in this document and the Privacy Policy as ‘us’ or ‘we’.
Louisiana Master Naturalist Northwest is a registered Non-profit group 501 (c)3 Please carefully read the following terms and conditions of use and our privacy policy before accessing pages and resources from the https://lmnnorthwest.org website, henceforth referred to in this document collectively as ‘this web site’, ‘our website’ or ‘this site’. All prospective, virtual and actual visitors of this site human and ‘bots’ are referred to on this site as ‘you’.
Our TermsUsing this web site indicates that you as a human agent accept these terms, conditions and disclaimers (henceforth referred to collectively as terms). If you do not accept these terms, please do not use this web site nor online resources. All use of this site must conform to our terms of acceptable use. In case of disagreement with these terms your sole recourse is to discontinue using this site. Any failure to comply with these terms indemnifies us against any related complaint, grievance or suit to the maximum extent permissible by Louisiana law, we recognize that this doesn’t affect our possible liability for death or injury caused by any proven negligence on our part, nor liability for fraud.

We may revise and amend the contents of this page at any time. Users are expected to check this page from time to time to take notice of any changes that we make, as they are legally binding on you. The date of our last update is evidence of revisions that may be new to you and be advised that some provisions on this page may be superseded by provisions or notices published elsewhere on our site. This site and all its contents are intended to abide by, and are governed by, applicable Louisiana laws and any dispute or claim arising out of, or in connection with them, including non-contractual disputes or claims, shall only proceed in accordance with the law of The State of Louisiana and applicable federal legislation. In the event of any perceived grievance we insist that the aggrieved should attempt to address any perceived problem directly with us first before resorting to legal action.
Any and all use of this website is only permitted upon the basis of the user agreeing to be bound by its terms and conditions of use both in word and in spirit, please read the details as outlined here. They are not unreasonable or negotiable and they cannot supersede your statutory rights in any way.
If you disagree to abide by these terms and conditions then please do not use this website.

This web site and its use is subject to and governed by the applicable laws as stated above, is informational only and is provided by us and our consultants, for your optional, free use, on an as-is basis with no warranties attached of any sort, express or implied. You use it or not, entirely at your own risk.
We make no representations, endorsements or warranties of any kind with respect to the site, its contents or any other site linked to this web site. Neither the Communications Officer, his team nor LMN-NW will be liable for any damages whatsoever arising from or in connection with the use of this site, including and without limitation, damages for loss of use, data or profits, from delay or inability to use the site, the provision of or failure to provide services from the site, or for any information, products, services, media and graphics obtained through the site or any site linked to this one. In any case of any perceived grievance, complaint or suit, your first recourse should be to cease using the site and to contact us requesting a perceived course of remedial action. Regardless of the circumstances, any legal case brought in relation to this site can only be conducted within the provisions of the laws of Louisiana, and under the jurisdiction of our local courts. In the case of any perceived grievance we insist that you contact us for remedy in the first instance prior to any legal action.
This site and all materials accessible from it are made available ‘as they are’, for temporary reference via online browsing for personal use in real-time only by people aged 18 and above. Unless expressly stated otherwise on pdf documents accessible from our web pages we do not allow copying or printing of any of our media material except for the purpose of promoting LMN-NW’s activities and with our express permission.
We forbid any form of electronic or physical interference with this website or any of the equipment that enables its publication or related data storage. The deliberate introduction of malicious software and/or spyware to any of our systems is expressly prohibited and we will report any such attacks to the relevant authorities and assist where we can in any offenders’ prosecution.
Any one of the following behaviors would also constitute a breach of our terms of use for this website: illegal access to the site (hacking), any deliberate presentation of false information with the intention to mislead, the use of a false identity, any attempt to defraud us, our suppliers / providers or our customers, any attempt to defame or misrepresent us or our suppliers.
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We are not responsible for the quality of any sites linked to from this website, their quality is the sole responsibility of their creators and all such sites are governed by their own terms of use and privacy policies.
Links to this website
Other websites may link to this site with our permission and provided that they make no false pretense of relationship or endorsement.
We may compare visitor statistics over time with information provided by Automattic.
To improve this site’s function as a publicity and communication organ for the LMN-NW we may collect, store, and analyze aggregated data from visitors. In addition to viewing visitor numbers, we may also collect, store and analyze such simple, aggregated visitors’ statistics that are made available to us via popular webmaster tools such as Google’s or Bing’s and we may use this data to improve our services and also in aggregated form in relation to interaction with advertisers if we choose to place advertisements on any of our pages.
Contact details provided by their respective owners may be used by the LMN-NW to communicate with their providers for the purposes intended, they are stored securely, are not retained for longer than necessary and will be destroyed when no longer necessary. For more information about personal information handing including GDPR and the equivalent US protections, please view our ‘Privacy Policy’.
We do not share this information accept in the unlikely use of justifiable provision to the authorities in the investigation of a crime or in our own defense in a dispute. We don’t like Spam and we trash it from our spam folder.
Interactive elements of this site
We will never ask you to email your banking or credit card details to us. We use a secure Paypal interface for purchases.

We ask you not to submit any sensitive or illegal data through any interactive elements on our site. All postings to the site are subject to moderation prior to publishing, but we are not obliged to publish anything submitted via the site.
Submission of Data to this Site
This entire site is copyright © 2021  LMN-NW and licensors. LMN-NW and the contributing artists and authors retain and assert copyright of all their original works. All original materials on this site, including, and not limited to, design, text, graphics, logos, images, audio and video, are rights managed, and may only be downloaded for your personal use in connection with their intended purpose. Any further distribution for sale or any other use is expressly prohibited without the permission of the LMN-NW. Modifying, distributing, re-publishing, publicly performing or broadcasting any of the recordings, text, graphics or images included on this site without express written consent from LMN-NW is also prohibited.

All material submitted to the site is for publication unless expressly stated otherwise, and must comply with applicable Federal and State laws and current social and political correctness, including, but not limited to not infringing intellectual property rights, copyright, not defaming any persons, not presenting danger to any persons and not promoting discrimination or hatred.

Don’t submit material to the site that you do not want published. Materials submitted to this site are subject to moderation and when published will be visible around the world as the Internet is a global medium.
Though we try to make sure that all information published is true and correct at time of publication we accept no liability for any errors or omissions and reserve the right to change information at any time without notice.
Thank you for reading this and for visiting our site.
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