Some people study for the sheer love of nature and joy of expanding awareness, others are interested in becoming certified as Louisiana Master Naturalists. Our paid-up members can earn a certificate by completing a series of workshops (totaling 44 education hours or more) . We provide workshops locally, at The Rendezvous meetings (2021 is virtual and 2022 hopefully physical at Camp Hardtner), and there are also online workshops held by LMNGBR and uploaded to our LMNA Channel (Resources)

In addition, you will be required to undertake a personal graduation project. This would be a unique presentation to demonstrate your learning and share it with the public and might take various forms, for examples: an illustrated talk, a trifold or poster for exhibition, a guided tour to a natural area, a diorama model, an educational pamphlet or video. The choice is yours! It’s a good idea to run your concept by some of us first, just to ensure that the project is suitable and manageable.

Certification ceremonies will be held periodically at the end of each year and we pass members in groups after an open-book final test. The presentations may serve as education hours for your fellow members.

Once certified, members retain their status by paying their annual due of $25, performing 6 or more Continuing Education hours and 20 volunteer hours per year. The certified members will fill in and submit “Volunteering & Continuing Education Hours” at the end of each year.

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