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The Louisiana Master Naturalist Association trains citizens of the Bayou State to be effective volunteers to take part in Conservation Through Education.

Rusty Scarborough B.S., C.I.G., C.I.T.


Rusty is a founding member and graduated in the first Master Naturalist class in 2015 and he teaches Interpretation class for the group. He is the Park Manager at Walter B. Jacobs Memorial Nature Park in Shreveport. Rusty has been a Master Falconer for over 30 years. He has trained and hunted with a number of birds including Red-tailed hawks, Harris’s hawks, Kestrels, Red-shouldered hawk, Cooper’s hawk, Ferruginous/Harris’ hybrid and golden eagles. Rusty flies a cast of captive bred Harris’s hawks and a Red-tailed hawk. Rusty currently serves as President of the Arkansas Hawking Association. Rusty is also an avid flint knapper. Rusty holds certifications with the National Association for Interpretation as Certified Interpretive Guide (C.I.G.)and Certified Interpretive Trainer, (C.I.T.). Rusty has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Wildlife Conservation with a minor in Microbiology from Louisiana Tech University.

Email me: rscarborough@caddo.org

Larry Raymond B.S, M.S.


Larry is a founding member and graduated in the first Master Naturalist class in 2015.  He has a Bachelor’s of Science degree and Master’s degree in biological sciences from NLU (now, ULM).  His emphasis in school was vertebrate biology with advanced courses in ichthyology (fishes) and herpetology (amphibians and reptiles).  He also has training in plant identification, especially trees and flowering plants.  He spent his career with the Parish of Caddo Parks and Recreation Department (now, retired).  He was an adjunct instructor of biological sciences at LSUS for approximately 25 years and have been teaching at BPCC as an adjunct instructor of biology for the past six years.  He is an avid birder and frequently spend time in the local forests looking for unusual plants.  He has spent countless hours researching the breeding biology and natural history of local frogs and salamanders.



Hulya Onel B.S., C.I.G


Hulya is a founding member and graduated in the first Master Naturalist class in 2015.  She teaches the Ecology and Biochemical Cycles class. She has been the Park Naturalist at Walter B. Jacobs Memorial Nature Park in Shreveport since 2012 where she prepares and presents environmental educational programs for public, trains park volunteers about handling birds of prey and takes care of the animals in the exhibits. Hulya is interested in art about nature and she presents “An introduction to Acrylic Painting Workshop and “Let’s Get Creative Workshop” for all ages at the park. Hulya is a member of Shreveport Birdwatchers Group since 2007. Hulya is a Certified Interpretive Guide (C.I.G.) and Certified Wildlife Rehabilitator. Hulya has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Field and Organismal Biology from Louisiana State University in Shreveport.

Email me: honel@caddo.org

Terri Jacobson B.S., M.S., C.I.G


Terri is a founding member and graduated in the first Master Naturalist class in 2015.  She teaches the biodiversity class and several continuing education classes.  Terri works at Red River National Wildlife Refuge as the lead refuge ranger where she manages the visitor center, education center and the volunteer program.  Terri has a passion for learning about nature and connecting others to nature. Terri is an avid birdwatcher and is interested in phenology and is knowledgeable about landscaping for wildlife. She leads bird walks/field trips and participates in citizen science projects including Christmas Bird Counts and butterfly counts.   Terri is a NAI Certified Interpretive Guide (CIG).  She has a Master’s degree in Wildlife Science from New Mexico State University and an undergraduate degree in biology with certification in secondary education from University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point. 

Email me: terri_jacobson@fws.gov

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Red River National Wildlife Refuge

150 Eagle Bend Point

Bossier City, LA  71112

office (318) 742-1219 ext. 102

fax 318-742-1259




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